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The Street Survival Guidebook:

Self Protection Strategies & Tactics to Protect You and Your Loved Ones from Danger and Crime

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"You Cannot Learn to Swim on Dry Land and You Cannot Learn to Swim In a Tsunami Either- Progression is the Key to Success When Learning About YOUR Survival!" -- Joe Hubbard


This system of Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives covers a seamless range of strategies, tactics, combative mentalities and operational doctrine as applied to unarmed combatives (standing, kneeling and grounded), counter knife, counter impact weapons and counter gun threats specifically related to street survival.  All of the tactics and strategies that I teach are a streamlined blend of military combatives, police defensive tactics and carefully selected martial arts systems. 

My main objective has always been to functionalise everything I do.  By reorganising and blending these different combative systems, I have left out all of the superfluous traditional martial arts forms or Katas.  Instead, I will teach you "Combat Scenarios" (simulated replications of real fights) to accelerate the learning process, enhance your motor memory and to give YOU the real-world tactical solutions that you will need for street survival!

I like to start with the actual fight and analyse the individual components of the conflict.   From there we start to "reverse engineer" the process of learning to establish the important building blocks that make up the root movements of combat; further making this "no-nonsense fighting system" very easy, pragmatic and effective to learn.


"Close Quarter Combat is the range where street fights are easily won and this single concept alone is one of the best kept secrets in the business." -- Joe Hubbard


In This Practical/Tactical System You Will Learn...


  • Tactical street combat- standing, kneeling and grounded
  • Pre-contact management: fear & anger control
  • Combat tactics similar to kickboxing and Thai boxing for long range fighting
  • Combat grabs & counters- standing and on the ground
  • Combat chokes & counters- standing and on the ground
  • Combat body control and counters- standing and on the ground
  • Explosive entries into CQC range
  • Range manipulation drills and counters to common sticking points
  • Brutal takedowns and combat finishes
  • Counters & reversals to all tactics taught
  • Combat ground fighting scenarios (non-submission based)
  • Combat tactics versus multiple attackers
  • Counter weapons continuum: versus knife, impact weapons & gun threats
  • Important follow-up control & containment tactics for security, police and military personnel
  • Joint cranks, joint breaks, counters, reversals & flows
  • Close quarter synergy and sensitivity drills- standing and on the ground
  • Expedient combat counters to vicious knife attacks on the street
  • Practical combat conditioning drills for street survival
  • Post contact management: countering secondary threats, last ditch first aid & understanding the law
  • Combat Scenarios taught for every tactic learned!


Many people reflect about their own safety and security by attempting to problem solve different encounters that they face within the rules of engagement in their own disciplines- whether they are martial artists, professional security operators, law enforcement or military.  What makes this system unique is that it "bridges the gap" between all of these different disciplines and allows the practitioner to develop the creativity to think and respond "outside of the box" when countering sudden violence. 

The first and foremost rule of self defence is this:

YOU are solely responsible for your own safety and security!  It is all about YOU and YOUR protection! 

Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to train your best option tactics in all ranges of combat, while gaining the understanding that it is in close quarter combat range where the average person will be able to survive against a larger and more skilled adversary. 

Your training must be practised thoroughly, methodically and dynamically.  With that in mind, the answer for surviving a violent encounter does not lie in the anticipation of getting into a fight with your fellow man.  Instead, a better mousetrap is training to develop the attributes, skill and actual ability to stop violence before it happens and to stop violence while it is happening!

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