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The Street Survival Guidebook:

Self Protection Strategies & Tactics to Protect You and Your Loved Ones from Danger and Crime

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Joe Hubbard Street Survival DVDs

Contract One!

Survival Strategies & The Preemptive Strike!

This is the first volume in a series of DVDs that will teach you a wide range of both survival combatives and skill development.  In this DVD, security specialist Joe Hubbard will solve specific personal safety problems for average men and women; professional security operators, law enforcement and/or military, while providing dozens of drills, concepts and tactics for de-escalation and attack/counter attack. 

    You Will Also Learn...

  • Concentric Layers of Defence
  • The Four Pillars of Personal Security
  • Pre-Fight Pyschology
  • Strategies, Tactics and Hand Positions to Set Your Opponent Up
  • How to Use Verbal De-escalation in Training Scenarios
  • The Interview Stance
  • Verbal Interupt
  • The Misdirection Drill
  • Counter Assault Drills
  • The Standing Duty Guard Scenario
  • And...So Much, Much More!
UK Mainland Orders - Price: £19.97 + £2.60 (Post & Packaging) 


International Orders - Price: £19.97 + £6.80 (Post & Packaging)

   Contract Two!

Contract 2 DVD

The Demystification of the Close Quarter Onslaught!

In Contract 2, Joe continues his commitment to ensure your safety and mission success, whatever your profession.  In this DVD he teaches two of his unique training methodologies-his Close Quarter Onslaught Module and his Combat Stiiching Module.

You Will Learn...

  • A Series of Split-Second Aggressive Attacks
  • How to Stop & Drop Your Opponent Cold
  • Stop Attackers With & Without Weapons
  • How to Dominate a Bigger Man
  • The Boxer's Nexus
  • How to Manipulate Your Opponent for Arrest and Restraint, Takedowns and Brutal Finishes
  • The Four Sticking Points in a Fight & How to Counter Them
  • And...Much, Much More!

UK Mainland Orders - Price: £19.97 + £2.60 (Post & Packaging)

International Orders - Price: £19.97 + £9.80 (Post & Packaging)


Contract Three!

Contract 3 DVD

Brutal Combat Takedowns: The Verical & Horizontal Range Filters!

In this training DVD, Joe introduces his "range filter" training methodology of organising tactics and techniques into string concepts and ideas.  Joe teaches what he calls the "Horizontal Range Filter" and the "Vertical Range Filter."  Using this across and up-and-down method, he organises both attacks and counter attacks, along with applying a collection of devastating takedowns and fight finishes into comprehensive, simple pathways to enhance both knowledge and performance.

You Will Learn...

  • How to Takedown Any Opponent From Any Reference Point on the Body
  • Inside/Outside Sectoring Principles Revealed
  • Nine Critical Permutations of Standing, Knee-High to Grounded That Multiplies into Thousands of Ideas
  • Unorthadox Grounded Principles That Will Take Your Unstanding and Skill to New Levels
  • How to Incorporate the "Crawl, Walk & Run" Method Into Your Practice Sessions
  • Filipino & Silat Takedowns and Finishes Simplified
  • Brutal Takedowns & Finishes Versus a Knife Wielding Opponent
  • The Pliable Statue Drill
  • The Building Blocks of Combat Scenarios
  • The Grounded Combat Stitiching Module
  • And...So Much, Much More...

UK Mainland Orders - Price: £19.97 + £2.60 (Post & Packaging)

International Orders - Price: £19.97 + £9.80 (Post & Packaging)


 Contract Four!

Contract 4 DVD

Grounded Solutions & Counter Measures!

2-DVD Set!

Whatever the case may be, all grappling systems have different things to offer.  But one thing is for sure- most sport grappling arts are designed for the ring and not the pavement arena!  In this ground breaking 2-DVD set, Joe Hubbard will teach you how to survive in a ground altercation with duty gear and equipment attached to your body, all while rolling on concrete and the slippery mud.  This is the reality when sudden violence strikes and YOU end up on the ground unexpectedly!

You Will Also Learn...

  • The Grounded Combat Clock System
  • Specific Drills for Getting Back Onto Your Feet
  • Vicious Strikes, Eye Attacks & Biting Tactics!
  • Modified Generic Ground Postures for Street Survival
  • Escapes & Reversals That Actually Work!
  • Defeding & Countering Against a Standing Opponent While Grounded
  • Innovative Combative Ground & Pound Tactics
  • Detailed Analysis of Combat Scenarios on Pavement & Mud
  • Mixed Weapon Ground Fighting Tactics
  • And...So Much, Much More!

UK Mainland Orders - Price: £24.97 + £2.60 (Post & Packaging)

International Orders - Price: £24.97 + £9.80 (Post & Packaging)


DVD bundle deal

  1. Contract One: Survival Strategies & The Peemptive Strike!  £19.97
  2. Contract Two: The Demystification of the Close Quarter Onslaught!  £19.97
  3. Contract Three: Brutal Combat Takedowns!  £19.97
  4. Contract Four: Grounded Solutions & Counter Measures: 2-DVDSet!  £24.97

Total Price if bought separtely: £84.88 + Postage & Packaging!

#####--NEW BUNDLE PRICE AT 30% DISCOUNT: £59.42!!!--#####


UK Mainland Orders + Post & Packaging

International Orders + Post & Packaging




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