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Personal Intense Training Program


I want to make a personal contract with YOU!  To improve your personal safety and success, whatever your mission or profession, and share with you Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives strategies and tactics that I have learned, modified, developed and synthesised from all of my education and experience over the past two decades!

Over the course of this Personalised Intense Training (P.I.T.) program, you will learn the very same system of close quarter combat that I have successfully taught to elite Special Forces Operators, U.S. and UK Military Units, close protection specialists, private military contractors and police personnel from all over the UK!

These are 1-to-1 private closed door sessions that last for 6-hours in duration. The price for these sessions is £275 for one day or £500 for two days.  These sessions are intensive in nature and carefully designed so that you can take away the material that you have learned and work through it thoroughly with a training partner in your own time.

The goal for attaining rank, instructorship and personal development is to find your own personal rhythm in attending these sessions as you begin to progress through my system.  The ideal pace for optimum accelerated learning is two days per month.  But...I do have to see you at least once every 6-months for 2-days of intensive training in order for you to be considered as an instructor candidate in my system.  It takes at least 50-hours of dedicated training before you would qualify as an apprentice instructor.  All previous training and rank in other systems are taken into account when being considered for an instructorship.

My mission is to take this opportunity to accommodate all serious individuals who wish to train with me in order to accelerate their training and skill level into a new and exciting dimension!  Young athletic types who want to train hard-core; working professionals seeking self protection and survival skills; women in search of a safe, but sound personal safety program and over 40's determined to get into shape and successfully learn to protect themselves and their loved ones in the processPlease remember, everyone is welcome as long as you are serious about learning how to protect yourself.  That is the only requirement!  Time wasters are not welcome in this program.

Close Quarter Combat is the range where all street fights are easily won and this single concept alone is still one of the best kept secrets in the business!

All fighting systems generically have 4-ranges of combat.  These are: kicking range, striking range, close quarter range and ground fighting range.  Oddly, most combat sport systems and martial art schools will tell you that in order for you to vanquish your enemy the best solutions for winning the fight are found within the kicking, striking and ground fighting ranges.  Very few fighting arts train effectively in close quarter range to actually neutralise the threat of a vicious street attack.  Learning to successfully fight in close quarter range is where you will be able to take out a bigger, stronger and more skilled opponent!

Another concept which is often neglected, but critical when your street survival clock is ticking is that all combat sports have many rules and are fought in specific weight classes.  This means if you choose to fight in kicking, striking and/or ground fighting range as a primary solution for winning fights you had better make sure that the random street thug/criminal that encroaches and/or attacks you is alone, unarmed and within your own weight class.  And guess the news?  The bigger, stronger guy will always win unless YOU know how to effectively fight in close quarter combat range!

Learn to Fight & Survive Against Bigger, Stronger and Armed Opponents!

Because of the effectiveness and simplicity of this system, it doesn't take years to master; or even months with people of pior experience.  You see, most people who end up training with me initially start because they are interested in learning how to fight and survive against a bigger, stronger and/or armed opponent.  Sadly, many fighting systems today really don't have a clue about this subjet matter.  Now, with these street survival tactics at your disposal through my Personal Intense Training (P.I.T.) program, YOU can become one of the few who does! 

And what's the best part? 

You will be absolutely amazed just how fast and easy YOU will learn how to do it!


Over the Course of This INTENSIVE Training Program YOU Will Learn...
  • We start off with a question & answer session in order for me to learn about your background and to recapitulate successive lesson material.
  • Then I put you through a dynamic warm up and a set of Functional Fitness Drills.  Here we go through resistance, isometric, plyometric, dynamic tension, aerobic and anerobic drills in order to evaluate your strong and weak points; assessing your physical attributes for functional application.  All these drills were designed for combat specificity.
  • Here is where we will begin my Total Body Weapon/Total Body Target Module that will enable you to sharpen tools, targets and tactics expeditiously.  This is where you will begin to develop the correct body mechanics in order to transform your arsenal into being street ready. 
  • Now we are ready to start the actual program.  I'll begin by explaining key street survival strategies and methodologies in relation to my M.I.D. System.  I will teach you my Preemptive Strike Module and Counter Assault Survival Tactics Module in order for you to functionalise your tools, targets and tactics and how to ultilise these under the stress of an imminent continuum from threat to attack.
  • We now seque into the synergy drill portion of my system where I will teach you 4 different elements of close quarter combat where you will learn how to dominate and read your opponent's intentions before he is able to achieve his objective. 
  • In the next phase I will teach you my Demystification of the Close Quarter Onslaught Module.  It is here where you will learn how to dominate and terminate a bigger man.  
  • The next training evolution breaks down what I call the Horizontal & Vertical Range Filters.  This module leads us into a mastery of brutal takedowns and expedient finishes.
  • From this point we take it to the ground, where you will learn a comprehensive street effective system that will enable you to dominate a ground fight from any position; applying a seamless integration of brutal tactics versus armed opponents and learning how to effectively get back to your feet in order to escape to gain safety.
  • We then move on to our Force Multiplier Weapons Integration Module where you will learn specific, improvised and environmental weapons tactics - both attack and defensive - as applied to knife, stick and gun scenarios. 
  • And finally, we spend the rest of out time teaching you "how to teach" and how to effectively set up your business.  Once you reach your rank requirements and are ready to become an instructor, you are free to teach others what you have learned and keep all the money you make from teaching for yourself.  You only pay me for my services and/or my products- that's it!  I do not charge tithing fees as most other martial arts and self defence systems do.  I will remain your instructor as long as you wish and will continue to help you grow and prosper in achieving all of your immediate and long term goals.


To book your training session today email me at [email protected] or simply give me a call on 0789 444 6794.  I will walk you through every detail of your training session and provide you with a complete turn-key package from picking you up from the airport or train station to recommending where to stay while you are in London; meeting all of your training requirements and then dropping you back off where I picked you up from. 

To secure your training session just click on the "Buy Now" buttons below where you can pay with all major credits cards.

Dedicated to YOUR Survival



Personal Intense Training (P.I.T.) 1-Day
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Personal Intense Training (P.I.T.) 3-Days


If you don't have a PayPal account, this is not a problem!  Just click the Buy Now button and it will take you to PayPal login page.  On the bottom left hand side of the page you will see a row of credit card pictures.  Above the pictures it says, "Don't have a PayPal Account?  Use your credit card or bank account."  Click on "continue."  This will take you to another page where you can pay by credit card without having to set up a PayPal account. -Thank You.

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