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Close Quarter Combatives Training for Street Survival

Intrinsically, combat will never change; there are certain immutable principles that define a violent assault as remaining generic, random, senseless and explosive. The suddenness and speed of a real criminal attack requires that you counter the assault by initiating an explosive offensive action or defend and counter attack immediately, directly and explosively with forward pressure keeping one aim in mind: SURVIVAL! Whether you are on the battlefield, street, in your home or hiking in the country; whether you are a soldier, law enforcement, private security contractor or civilian, our agenda is to provide you with a healthy amount of Survival Combatives coupled with a balanced mix of Skill Development in order to raise your level of peak performance, by way of Drills, and transmute you into becoming a functional fighter. That is our objective - YOU become functional!  

Fortune Favours the Prepared- Fortes Fortuna Paramus

There is no such thing as a risk free world. With that in mind there will probably never be such a thing as world free of violence and crime. What we can do is learn to manage that risk and reduce our chances from being caught up or caught out in an all-out violent criminal attack where our personal safety and security has been compromised. Of course it has been known that luck and quick wits can get you out of a sticky situation, which you have not pre-planned, but relying on this tactic alone is not recommended, irresponsible and in many cases will probably assure you a quick and untimely death. There is no adequate substitute for being prepared in advance and having a well thought out immediate action plan when all hell breaks loose and combat stress sets in! The most certain way of dealing with a criminal threat and reacting effectively is through being prepared way before the event actually occurs.  Joe Hubbard’s Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives curriculum is based on a 10-level modular evidence based system that consists of Empty Hand Combatives; Knife/Counter Knife Combatives; Impact Weapon Combatives; Gun/Counter Gun Combatives and Street Specific Ground Fighting Solutions & Counter Measures. All of these systemic learning modules have been specifically designed to accomplish the task of preparing YOU for sudden violence before it actually occurs.

Rather than laying down a set of rigid techniques, this program is based on concepts and principles that delineate best practice tools and methodologies that are based on more than two decades of real-world experience. Forget about flashy fantasy movie driven techniques, your personal security will largely be based on commonsense survival tools and tactics; combat mindset; understanding how to control fear and anger, and developing a tactical awareness of your own personal strengths and weaknesses as an individual. The question is not whether any of these concepts stand alone unrelated, but rather how they serve you as an interdependent greater whole. If you learn, practice, absorb, functionalise and then finally maintain all of the skill-sets and advice required- then, and only then, will you be ready!


Joe Hubbard’s professional background is represented by a collective body of experience that spans over more than two decades of operational security know-how, close protection operations and close quarter combatives training. He is a highly sought out personal protection specialist who has authored five instructional DVDs and has written articles in international martial arts magazines such as Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat, Black Belt UK and Budo International. As a respected self-defence instructor, Joe has proven experience teaching many elite operatives that include former Special Forces operators, U.S. Marines, UK law enforcement, private corporations and responsible private citizens. As a licensed close protection operative, he has been trained in force protection tactics, counter-terrorism, tactical first aid, counter-surveillance, IED awareness and personal protection. Joe also holds many accredited instructor certifications and multiple black belts in martial arts systems comprised of unarmed combatives, ground fighting, knife/counter knife, stick fighting and fire arms.





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