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Joe Hubbard's Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives Blog

How I Develop Functional Fighters

In survival mode or actual combat, when faced with a one-on-one situation our agenda is to utilize our street survival mind-set whereby through our awareness we would detect the threat; delay the threat by creating a barrier between us and our opponent; initiate the contact with a pre-emptive strike or defend and counter attack immediately [...]

Know the Enemy

All effective personal protection, all physical security and intrinsically all real self defence begins and ends by developing the ability and willingness to understand how the enemy thinks and operates. But thinking like a criminal or a terrorist does not come easy to an upstanding citizen of good character. That’s why- so many people- whether [...]

The Demystification of the Close Quarter Onslaught

The Close Quarter Onslaught is an offensive attack model based on operational-level military doctrine which involves an initial bombardment followed by the employment of mobile forces attacking with speed and deception to prevent the enemy from implementing a coherent defence strategy.  Generally speaking, juxtaposed to your self-defence skills, this describes the use of combined arms [...]

What Exactly Is Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives?

Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives is a specific set of brutal tactical choices that are unleashed onto your adversary in the form of a continuous “uninterrupted” onslaught in what is called “close quarter range”.  This is the range where all street fights are easily won and this single concept alone is still one of the [...]

Welcome to my New Blog!

Greetings globetrotters!  I have recently moved to a new blog home- and this is it.  This blog will be chock full of great survival combatives content that will include articles, training opportunities, product announcements, online training videos, free e-books, plus much, much more.   To start things off, I have two brand new training courses starting soon.  [...]

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