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January 20, 2011

Hi, Joe Hubbard here and welcome to my main site- Joe Hubbard’s Street Survival Close Quarter Combatives.  Well the first thing you will notice is there is way too much information here to soak up in one sitting, so the first thing you should do is bookmark this site; go ahead and do that right now because you’ll want to come back over time and review the training opportunities, products, articles, my blog and generally browse and poke around to see what you can discover because this site is huge and it is updated regularly.


The second thing you might want to do is sign up for my newsletter and get a FREE copy of my Street Survival Guidebook!  If you look over on your far left you will see a box where you can type in your name and primary email address and then hit submit.  You will then get a confirmation email where you will have to confirm that you want to receive my newsletter because I am absolutely against all types of spam.  My newsletter is totally free and I will surprise you with insights, tactics, technical skill issues, bonuses, gifts, special offers and who knows what else.


Now, another thing you may want to do right now is take a look at the top bar of this site where it says “Home”, “Blog”, “Contact”, “Products”, “Personal Intense Training”, “Instructors”, "SSCQC", “Articles”; all of those are clickable and are going to take you somewhere else- that’s what I mean about this site having a lot of depth to it.


Finally, if you are really serious about learning Close Quarter Combat, notably Unarmed Combatives (standing, kneeling and grounded), Counter Knife, Counter Impact Weapons, Counter Gun Threats and its application to Street Survival, you might want to consider requesting information and enlisting in one of my training programs which include:



Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my website.  I’m somebody who believes that anybody can achieve a competent and consistent level and pursue their highest goals and highest interests.  This is what I’m trying to do here- to inspire and inform you with the latest developments in Close Quarter Combat and provide you with an up-to-date Modern Self Defence and Combat Martial Arts resource, whether it is in-person, in print, online and/or through DVD instruction.


Have a great day!


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Joe Hubbard

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